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Our Story

We're a 4th generation, family-owned, Australian company

Every day, we bake the goods that make up the Earlyrise family of products in Dubbo, and then deliver them across the state and beyond.

Our story

We're the Stevenson brothers - the current custodians of our family's baking history, with flour in our veins, a heritage of quality and consistency, and an active commitment to passing our love for baking to the 4th generation and beyond.

Our story starts in 1918 with our grandfather, Francis Oswald 'Aussie' Stevenson, a bag of flour, and a horse and cart. Since then, we’ve grown, changed and evolved, but our commitment to delivering high-quality baked goods remains the same.

Of course, our love for baking doesn't just come from one branch of the family tree. In 1935, our other grandfather, Nicholas, opened a bakery in Dubbo as well.

We learned to bake alongside our father in our bakery on Boundary Road. A passion for carrying on the heritage of our family recipes, along with a commitment to progress, saw us expand by purchasing the Village Hot Bake (now Village Bakehouse) in 1990, and then expand to a full manufacturing center in Mountbatten Drive, Dubbo, under the name Earlyrise Baking Co.


Today, Earlyrise Baking Co. is proud to be a major regional employer, with over 250 different recipes making up the Earlyrise family of products.

Each and every product that comes out of our ovens is connected by the same history and values: family, passion, honesty, and progress. That's what you're buying when you buy a product with the Earlyrise stamp. That’s our seal of quality, and it means that you can trust that it's been baked in Country NSW and made from as many local, Australian ingredients as we can get our hands on.

Our history


A dream to bake quality products for Dubbo residents started with a bag of flour in 1918 when Bill, Robert and John Stevenson’s grandfather Francis Oswald ‘Aussie’ Stevenson started a small bakery in Tooraweenah. Aussie Stevenson delivered his baked goods from his bakery, on a horse and cart each day to local residents. He built a successful business to support his wife and six children.


In 1923 Aussie Stevenson moved to Dubbo to supply his baked goods to a larger market. He called it Stevenson’s Bakery and developed a large network of customers who continued to support the bakery. During this period, he moved the bakery three times and ended up settling on Talbragar Street next to the Pastoral Hotel.


Aussie worked hard to ensure the people of Dubbo had freshly baked goods to eat until 1944 when he sold the bakery to his children Bob, Audrey and Audrey’s husband Jack Goss. Bob, Audrey and Jack retained the bakery’s name and operated it until 1947. Audrey and Jack bought Bob’s share of the business and started trading under J.E and A.L Goss. The business became known as Goss’s bakery for the next 40 years and continued to be a family affair with Audrey’s brothers Doug and John Stevenson working in the business. Later, Audrey and Jack’s children Ted, Helen and John also became involved in the business.


In 1960 Audrey’s brother John Stevenson fell in love with Christina. John and Christina married in 1965 and it was inevitable that their children Bill, Robert and John would learn about the art of baking from a young age.

Their grandfather would take Bill and Robert to the bakery on weekends to help him, and they would also learn from their father. Their strength was tested when their grandfather died on 2 January 1982 and then closely followed by their father passing away from a heart attack the same year. Bill was 16, Robert was 15 and John was 10. From a young age their father’s words have stayed in their minds ‘once the flour gets into your veins it is always there’. These words urged them to strive further.


In 1990 Bill, Robert and John and their wives Carol, Wendy and Kelly purchased the Village Hot Bake in Dubbo and subsequently renovated the building to make way for significant renovations to create the city’s first bakery café which was officially opened in 1998.


As the demand for their fresh baked products grew the need arose for the brothers to create a retail and wholesale business. In 2001 they established the Earlyrise Baking Company, where over 900 delicious varieties of products are made daily.


Over two decades the brothers, Bill, Rob and John have grown the business which now distributes their bakery products right across rural, regional and metropolitan NSW, ACT and Queensland. When other major bread manufacturers have closed down, Earlyrise have stayed true to our roots and tradition baking the freshest bread in the country NSW.

The Stevenson Brothers are proud to be regional country bakers and remain committed to providing regional communities with the freshest products daily. The bakery has now entered its fourth-generation and with tradition the brother’s children are now moulding careers in the family baking business, this will ensure that your daily bread from the Stevenson family to yours will remain well into the future.